So who is James Dailey and what is his story?

So my friend James Dailey has been on Florida’s Death Row since august 10 1987 for a murder someone else repeatedly confessed to committing alone. I will tell use this space to tell a bit more about him (there is a lot more to tell about this wonderful man then just the tragedy of him being locked away for 34 years) but for the story of how he got on Death Watch for a story he didn’t commit I am going to tell you to read this story by Pamela Colloff. She did a wonderful job on reporting this story.

If you like to watch him tell the story himself please watch ABC’s 20/20

If you are more the podcast type Jason Flom made a great one about his case

James Dailey kerst 1999

So what exactly did the Fl. Supr. Court deny?

On september 23 2021 the Florida Supreme Court denied his latest appeal by a vote of 6-1. They decided that the signed declaration by Jack Pearcy saying he had committed the murder alone and James Dailey had nothing to do with it was inadmissible. It was a seriously good appeal that he was very happy with and that gives a very good overview of both the case and the court procedures since his conviction. Also, it is very readable, even for people who are not lawyers. So, he asked me to put it on the internet so that everyone could read it. And that is how my friend finally got his own website. Very much a work in progress but in the spirit of done is better then perfect here it is the full fantastic appeal by his very dedicated, lovely and smart team of attorneys!